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Membership of NSLA is open to the following categories of people:

  1. Teacher-Librarians/School Librarians in Primary and Secondary Schools and Teachers' College.
  2. Librarians in charge of school and children's libraries in State Library Boards.
  3. School Librarians/Teacher Librarians in Federal, State and Armed Forces Secondary Schools and Colleges.
  4. Librarians in Colleges of Education, Faculties of Education and Teachers' Institute.
  5. Librarians in Federal and State Ministries of Education. Federal and State Government Colleges and Schools.
  6. Librarians and Career Officers in Commissions and Boards for Primary, Secondary Schools, and Colleges of Education.
  7. Lecturers of School and Children's Librarianship.
  8. Directors and Media Personnel of State and National Education Resource Centre.
  9. Directors and Officers of Educational Support Services, State and Federal Ministries of Education.
  10. Librarians and Library Coordinators of SUBEB (former SPEB) and LGEAs.
  11. Officers of Nigerian Union of Teachers, ANCOPSS, Conference of Headmasters, Association of Nursery and Primary Schools Proprietors, Publishing Houses, etc.