Tips on organizing your State Branch of Nigerian School Library Association (NSLA)

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  1. The appointed State Coordinator to identify the Librarians in the state, whose primary responsibilities are working in libraries-school, public, (etc).
  2. Invite them to a meeting and constitute them into an interim committee.
  3. Appoint Protem officers-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. It is strongly advised that the Secretary be close to the Chairman for effective working relationship and coordination.
  4. Print letter-heads and envelopes with NSLA logo. The NSLA has a logo you can reproduce.
  5. Organize visits to Principal officers in-charge of School libraries in the State to seek solicit support for the activities of the State chapter of NSLA (SUBEB, Boards, Post-Primary School/Teaching Service Commissions, State Ministry of Education, NUT, ANCOPS, (etc).
  6. Organize a one-day seminar with at least  two lectures on the need for  effective library services  and technical skills for School librarians. Choose resource persons  among Professional librarians.
  7. At the end of the lecture, hold a general meeting to elect new officers for the state chapter to include Chairman, Vice-Chairman in each Senatorial District, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Publicity Secretary.
  8. Inform the National Secretariat  of all the activities. Invitation to the inauguration of the State Branch should be extended to the National Secretariat.
  9. Open a Bank Account for the State Branch of the Association.